Dream KillersDream Killers

What are the dreams you want to accomplish? And what’s stopping you from achieving those dreams and preventing you from developing the champion behavior? Though many factors prevent us from achieving our goals, we can pinpoint three specific reasons.

This post discusses the three dream killers.

The Three Dream Killers Preventing Champion Behavior

A lot of times, many people think they know what they want. But when they think about what they have to do to get what their want, these individuals realize that they don’t want to be what they need to be to get what they want. Such people are not finishers; follow-through is not in their system.

Whatever it is that you want – a better career, fitness, or anything you want – follow-through is necessary. There are specific reasons why most people don’t follow through with what they say they want to achieve.


Changing the self is required to achieve goals, but such change is intimidating. The first dream killer all people face when they know they want something is fear. Being afraid paralyzes people with inaction.

To overcome fear, one has to know what they are precisely afraid of that prevents them from achieving. There is no such thing as fearlessness; fear is a natural built-in evolutionary emotion all humans feel. Fearlessness does not help anyone achieve anything; it is the ability to act with courage despite fear.

Everyone has fears, but courage is acting despite the fear. There is no courage without fear. The difference between people who act and people who don’t is action.

The first jump from being someone who does not follow through and a person with a champion behavior is acting despite the fear. Someone with a champion behavior feels the fear and faces it head-on, and they keep doing it until they can work with courage on any endeavor. They act with courage first to develop the quality of courage.

That’s the first step they take to moving from someone with a killed dream to a person with a champion behavior.


The next hurdle most people face is doubt. Doubt is similar to fear in many respects, but it has its differences from fear. Fear is being afraid of failure, so you won’t try in the first place, while doubt is doubting your ability to achieve, perform, get the results, and be smart enough to actualize your goals. 

Someone has to move from doubting the self to total conviction in their ability to accomplish what they set out to do.

Conviction is, most of the time, misplaced. Everyone already has it, but place it on the wrong things. Most people are convicted that they don’t have the skills or the intelligence to achieve.

You have to move from the conviction of doubt to the conviction of confidence. And you can build yourself to that point. Similarly to fear, one must act with conviction before developing the quality.

Someone with a champion behavior move and accomplish despite the doubt. And over time, that individual continually moves because they become more confident and develop more conviction in their ability to achieve. Such individuals build confidence in their ability to succeed because they see what they have accomplished so far; despite their doubts, they can achieve their goals if they just act.

Guilt, Shame, or Unworthiness

The third dream killer is a combination of guilt, shame, and unworthiness. You would have to jump from these feelings to a feeling of “all-deservingness.” It is easy for people to feel like they don’t deserve to get what they want and accomplish their goals based on what they’ve done in the past.

Whether someone was a past alcoholic, did drugs, made mistakes, hurt people, or did something terrible, they have to forgive themselves and allow themselves a successful future. Being stuck in the guilt and shame of the past is an easy way to prevent yourself from acting on what you want to do because you don’t think you deserve it.

People stuck in the guilt, shame, and unworthiness of the past have to realize that everyone else makes mistakes. Though the errors may vary from person to person, each individual also feels guilt, shame, and unworthiness to some degree. If everyone beats themselves for what they did in the past, nobody will accomplish anything.

Again, moving from guilt, shame, and unworthiness to a feeling of all-deservingness requires work. You have to learn to pursue your goals unapologetically; there is nothing wrong with desiring to achieve and get the most out of life. There is nothing wrong with being successful.

Solution: ACT, ACT, ACT!

The only way to get the feelings of fear, doubt, guilt, shame, and unworthiness is to act on your dreams. There is nothing wrong with those feelings, but you have to learn to move anyway when under fear, doubt, shame, guilt, or a sense of unworthiness.

Move – and consistently move – no matter how slow you are in achieving your goals, you will get there if you just move. You will only get stuck if you allow fear, doubt, guilt, shame, or a sense of unworthiness to stop you.

People with a champion behavior focus on the future. They focus on what they can accomplish from now to five years from now; they are forward thinkers. The champion behavior does not get stuck in regrets and wishing it doesn’t feel the fear, or the doubt, or anything else because it is excited about the future.

You can build this desire for the future. You can create a fire in your life that will get you to act. You just have to know what you want for yourself.

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